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Random update sort of thing...idk

Tue Dec 18, 2012, 2:30 AM
Okay so I seem to constantly die here on DA for most part.
...maybe I should start uploading everything i do, but i just worry that people dont want to see line art haha.
Been starting to get into 3D graphics and animation....well been getting into graphic/motion animation in general XDDD;;

This isnt much of an update and i put it like that because...well no one honestly gives a shiet now do they?? ahaha, besides im too enigmatic to talk about real life anyways  XDDDD

I hope my followers are well, I shall start getting back on DA regularly once again, most likely after the holidays haha.

PS: if you wanna watch some guitar covers, and collabs done with me and awesome vocalists then check my youtube:
  I really hate advertising myself...its so awkward  OTL|||

~ Snow/NOS


My Lack of Activity

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 17, 2012, 2:21 PM

I feel so bad for not having been as active as before LOL  :P
College is getting more and more busy with each passing day, RAWR~

Also thank you for all the new watchers, favs, etc. I just dont have the time to be on DA everyday to personally thank you  *SHOT*

I am still taking photos and drawing...just too busy to upload LOL  XD

~ Snow/Nos

The aptly named website is currently home to masses of uncredited deviantART artists' work. Check out the site to see if your, or any of your fellow deviants work is up on the site. Copyright infringing work can only be removed at request of the original owner so spread the word!

Thanks :aww:

12 Free Features!! [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 6:47 PM

I actually got this idea from -> halfinane-halfmental.deviantar…

Always wanted to feature people but didnt know how I should start. Decided that I will start off featuring people by featuring 10 people who ask first and then go on to featuring people I like as well as unknown deviants  :)


:bulletyellow:1. Comment that you want to be featured :)

:bulletorange:2. You must have at least 10 or more deviations.

:bulletgreen:3. Watch me~ [lol this is optional but it would be nice if you did]

1. :iconraspberry-bliss: :thumb315691530: :thumb319015509:
2. :icondarkqueen43: Hand on cracks with lightning by DarkQueen43
3. :iconmakoofharmony: :thumb319389529: :thumb292041153:
4. :iconphasingirl: Blood Moon by phasingirl Gilda Wallpaper by phasingirl
5. :iconmommy-of-ein: Year of the Dragon by Mommy-of-Ein Aladdin and Scar by Mommy-of-Ein
6. :icondbzlover2911: :thumb302986522: :thumb311072271:
7. :iconlyricalupin: Zettie Blinking Test by LyricaLupin Oh hai there, Maci Kitty. by LyricaLupin
8. :iconieatmudkipz: :thumb323325687: :thumb318578398:
9. :iconlightning0000: heres a better pic by lightning0000 John by lightning0000
10. :iconspiffyphotography: Digi reference by SpiffyPhotography Nacho 2 by SpiffyPhotography
11. :iconmousenibbles: Agent Genderbend by Mousenibbles
12. :iconellecats: a d o p t a b l e s (closed) by ellecats b a b i e s by ellecats

So this person is having a 4k point giveaway here ->

I need points so figured why not give it a try lolol.
I was too lazy to use the fancy skin.

anyways for those of you who have been trying to buy my prints, a bunch have been apparently rejected due to placement of my watermarks.
I will be changing the print versions of everything I have up to either barely visible watermarks or no watermarks at all.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks!!  the print buying issue should be solved by the end of the week!!


Random update/entry

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 26, 2012, 3:18 AM


First of all........All those links saying "COMMISION | COLLABORATE | ART TRADE | REQUEST | DONATE"  links you to where you can read about doing those with me or for me.
<----  all those knobs on the side take you to my GALLERY, CONTACT (notes), and then my YOUTUBE (more links to my pages for twitter and NND on youtube).    All in the order stated  :)

I currently have stamps so I left that as is, LOL  :P

So I absolutely love this journal skin!!!  Mainly because Reita (right) and Ruki (left) is on it  <3  I would have preferred Reita and Kai or Reita and Aoi but oh wells  :'(

Anyways onto the actual journal entry, I wanted to apologize for the retarded journal spam because I had to make journal entries to make those links ^^^^^^^  go to  (the commission and yada yada)

Also sorry for the lack of submissions/uploads lately I have been busy, tired, distracted, or just didnt find stuff I wanted pictures of recently...
DANG I seriously want a freaking Prime lens.

I am kinda dreading college that is inching closer and closer, mainly because im afraid I guess...but at the same time I am soooo excited to take my 2 year course on sound tech  :D
too bad im more scared then excited  ;___;
I seriously HATE HATE HAAATTTEEE math and english, sucks I still gotta take it for college  :(

HOPING TO NOT BE STUCK WITH NIGHTTIME CLASSES  *fingers crossed*  I would rather have morning or afternoon classes RAWR   >:3

~ Snow

Any commission ideas that you have for me can be done.

Photography - Points or money [depends on if it will be used in advertisement and such] but regarding points AND money dont worry im super cheap  :)
Abstract - 5 points I guess seems fair :)  just give me the size you want, colors, and if you want any specific looks I guess??

I dunno if anyone would be interested in music, But I do compose in the style of Hans Zimmer [sort of].  
In other words orchestral instrumental music [choir doesnt count as lyrics in my opinion]
Sooooooooo if you wanna hear samples of what I made previously and stuff then note me??  

I will do music commissions for points or money, depends on what you want but either way I WILL BE CHEAP  :D

Well, give me something to do guys, ask questions and stuff by commenting on this journal or sending me a note

Im free to do collaborations anytime and willing to do all sorts of collaborations, no reason not to  :)
Hell I mean I have been doing "collab(s)" with :iconpowerswithin: already [just didnt upload here yet]  so yeah.

Just send me a note or comment on this journal and lets plan something :D

I am free to do art trades although most of my art will probably be in the form of Photographs  xD

I do sketch as well though i am unsure of uploading them to DA, I probably will.
Currently working on trying to do Digital Art but my teacher :iconpowerswithin:  has recently been too busy to help me  :'(
so photoshop/digital art-wise so far the only decent stuff I can do is rough to somewhat detailed line-art/sketchs..

I can do abstract as well, doesnt take long  :)

Decided to make a journal entry on this, cause well why not??  Besides recently I have joined this thing called a Sketch Swap so thought this would be fun to do anytime instead of it being only monthly [if people even want me stuff xP]

~ Snow

Random Update

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2012, 8:07 PM
Riiigghhhtt so not much to say really, just wanted to get rid of that retarded rant of a journal entry  :P

And I also got this journal skin <3<3  I liked this one only cause Reita is in the middle  *restrains fangirling*

im sure alot of you guys dont really care but dont forget im doing commissions on photos [it depends though if i can do it or not], abstract art, and maybe ill even make simple compositions xD
My type of composing style is that of movie music...instrumental/orchestral style which I hope to be like Hans Zimmer in the future lol  *note me*

Oh another random thing...FFFUUU- I WANT TO JOIN THE 501st SO BAD  ;___;   but I would need like some epic and perfect costume for it to meet the standards of the 501st and from my research unless I somehow make it myself to buy it, it would cost like $350++  which is like...HOLY CRAP for me  Q___Q    I wanna be Darth Nihilus so bad though cause is such a kick a$$ S.O.B   :P

anyways random journal entry done  :3
Sorry for the lack of photos and artwork, I have been practicing photoshop to actually DRAW stuff with my 3 week old noob "skills"


This is gonna be a sort of pointless journal entry (UNLESS YOU MAKE MASKS  @__@.....then NOTE ME or COMMENT)
but seriously this journal is gonna have a tiny bit of ranting (something i dont plan to have in the future dont worry)

I'll start off with....I need a mask....BUT hawaii...this retarded island has none, like SERIOUSLY??  not even ONE of those cheapo white plastic masks  *facepalm*

And so much pro mask makers here on DA, but like 90% are out of my price range for something I would only wear for my youtube covers  ;__;   yet all I want is a simple mask with only like super simply design, which I bet even I can do  OTL
Seeing all these epic masks makes me want to try my hand at it, but if it starts becoming ANOTHER expensive hobby that I will fall in love with, then im sooo screwed  *sigh*

Anyways ranting over, If you are or know anyone who makes masks that is NOT near the 3-digits then NOTE ME or COMMENT  :D
I promise its the most simplest thing ever LOOOL..

and holy crap it feels SOOOOOOOO weird writing a journal like this  =___=   I dunno why....but never doing a journal like this ever again, thats for sure  OTL

I LIKE HOW I SURE PUT MY PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP TO USE ON THESE JOURNALS  =D  (sarcasm because I dunno how to use different skins..)

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This is just a random journal entry about DeviantArt  but if DeviantArt being as it is, was also a place where people could upload and share original compositions are stuff, then it would be the most epic site ever lol xD

But oh wells, life is life :P   I only say that about DA because here it seems almost everyone respects each others' works enough to not steep to stealing each others stuff while on youtube and sometimes soundcloud, songs get stolen often  -shrugs-  Happened to me ALOT  :P

Also thanks to a very kind person I am now a premium member for One whole year!!!  yaaaaay!!! <3

Okay this journal is pretty much pointless unless you are a PC gamer like myself, but oh wells  xD

Alright so for like half a year now I have been playing a First Person Psychologilac Horror game called "Amnesia The Dark Descent" and that game ever since the release has been #1 on most scary PC games.  And damn is that true, the game was also used to test people's psychology i heard?? idk but that game ALWAYS freaks me out, of course the typical Harvesters eventually stopped scaring me a ton but currently ive been on a Haitus from that game for the past few weeks and im scared to continue playing the custom maps LOL  :P

Now tonight I have just found out that there is an Amnesia 2 that will be released before halloween of this year (2012) and oh my goodness....People think I am like this tough person but what kind of "tough" person starts getting nervous with a heart that starts pounding from fear JUST as I clicked the thumbnail to the youtube video of the trailer??  OTL   [trailer ->…

Amnesia 2 A Machine for Pigs is going be SERIOUSLY effing scared and f**ked up  @__@  after all the gamemakers said that so much people were starting to be unaffected by Amnesia 1's monsters and gameplay that they made this 2nd one a whole new level of experience..

I hope I dont die from a heart attack IF i decide to get enough courage to play this game, but if and when I do i am SOOOO gonna record my gameplay LOL

Before anything else is typed, I want to remind you guys I am still new to photoshop and digital art, I only started like uhh I think like 2-ish weeks ago.

Also wanted to remind you that I am both NOS0323 and SNOW0323....i just cant get into my nos0323 account cause i dont remember my password AND email  T__T

To my watchers and anyone who randomly comes across my works, APOLOGIES FOR THE TROLL/HUMOR stuff because I just decided to upload some retarded stuff for fun when I want to fool around with my friend who is also here on DA.
If you dont like it then I am sorry, but dont worry they dont go on my featured gallery section anyways haha, they go STRAIGHT to the "fails and misc."  folder but yeah.

= = = = = = = TO THOSE WHO FAVORITE MY WORKS (the serious ones) AND GIVE ME LLAMA BADGES!!! = = = = = = = = = =

I occasionally miss out on personally thanking a couple of you guys now and then, and im sure eventually I will barely have enough to thank even half of you guys personally.
But know that I am very thankful and every favorite means alot to me...ESPECIALLY CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS!!  (which I havent really gotten so far, but still for future case lol)

~ snow0323 / nos0323
I was meaning to upload something daily but oh well, there goes my attempt to upload daily LOL
my screwed up insomniac sleep schedule made me forget what day is what haha, not to mention music has kept me distracted LOL

Few people would care about this but decided that I need a new journal entry :P

~snow0323 [aka: nos0323]

I wish I had more watchers lol
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Sup DA!!

I may not be new to DA as I have used to go on this site tons and I used to have an account but I have been away for like 2 years now.

My old account has been deactivated due to my own reasons, and my other old main account which is "Nos0323" I cant log on to because.....I forgot the password and the email I used LOL

Anyways with this account which I will forever use I will uploading stuff that is pretty Noob-ish haha.
I have to get used to using my DSLR and I suck at drawing for most part especially without reference.

***** I only started photoshopping and learning to photoshop and all that only 3-4 hours ago  [Literally]  so please be easy on me with that*****

If you wanna get to know me, then feel free to chat with me
I am fluent [besides English] in Korean, and I wish I could say I know Japanese but.......


저는 음악과 사진을 제일잘하는것으로 생가해요, 그런대 저는 여러가지 취미가 있음니다.

저는 한국사람이지만, 미국의 하와이에서 사라서 제 한국말이좀 나빠요 ㅠㅡㅠ

~Snow0323 [aka: nos0323]  my AKA name is pretty much the name i use EVERYWHERE...just saying  :)